"Oh No!" is an event that always occurs when you are about to fail a level. However, there will be a particular reaction that Tiffi (Reality) or Odus (Dreamworld) will make when the player needs only a few of something left if he/she runs out of moves. If the quit button is pressed, this message is replaced by "You pressed the quit button!". For example, if you cleared 9/10 jelly, either Tiffi or Odus will react with "Oh No! You only need 1 more jelly". Take another instance that you are in an ingredient drop level. When you have brought down 2 ingredients out of 3 ingredients, the message says, "You only need 1 more ingredient". It is not yet specific for timed levels, but the message candy order levels is generally having the same reaction with different words.

This reaction is shown when you are about to fail the level, unless you use boosters. No special offer is given, nor there is an opportunity for an instant win upon having this message. It is considered as the most unfavourable situation when playing a level.

Some levels will always result in an "Oh No!" in any failure save quitting. An example is a level which requires objectives in low numbers, such as requiring only one ingredient, or only collecting one combo.

Although "Oh No!" is not explicitly referenced on HTML5, the failure screen will instead display "you only need [a few] more [objectives]." This has the same effect as the Flash version, which shows the "Oh No!" reaction.

Only a few failure screens guarantee a failure without any consolation or the option to continue the level. Notice there is no "Oh No" at all. These may only occur if you still have no moves even after your first shuffle, or if you have destroyed the magic mixer when it is still required to be on board.

Oh No'sEdit

  • Target scoreTimed - You only need _ more points.
  • Jelly - You only need _ more jelly/jellies.
  • Ingredient drop - You only need _ more ingredient(s).
  • Objective - You only need to collect _ more order(s).


  • On candy order levels, special candies and regular candies used to be considered as "combos" by the game. Now, they are shown as "order".
  • On Flash version, the player will always see a falling Odus if he/she runs out of moves during Dreamworld levels without reaching the goal. It happened regardless the stability of the moon scale.
    • On HTML5 version, Odus only appears if he really falls down.
  • In certain versions of HTML5, the notification bar is shown after getting an "Oh No". It will be shown unless the user plays on or ends the game.
  • The Oh No! due to destroying a magic mixer when the order made from them are not finished and there are no more moves to match a candy due to blockers blocking the candy flow or the candy does not fall at all are the only variants to have an End Game button. However, it has a same function as the Give up button in which it also displays the "Level failed! You did not reach the goal!" message and then the level failed screen if the player taps it (HTML5 version only).

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