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A regular icing, locked candy, chocolate, and liquorice swirl, the first 4 blockers in the game.

A blocker is an object in Candy Crush Saga that can take on one or more of the following functions:

  • Prevent a player from accessing or using candies (i.e. licorice locks, marmalade, and sugar chests)
  • Prevent candies from taking up a space unless cleared (i.e. icing and cake bombs)
  • Prevent a special candy (in particular, Striped Candies) from performing their normal function (i.e. popcorn and licorice swirls)
  • Cover up candies (i.e. chocolate)
  • Spawn other blockers (i.e. chocolate spawners and magic mixers)
  • Prevent a level from being completed (i.e. candy bombs)

Typically, blockers take up a square (with the exception of cake bombs, which occupy four squares). Blockers threaten the combination of candies and can be very annoying. There are many different types of blockers introduced throughout the game. Every blocker has unique properties, such as chocolate being able to multiply if not broken in one move, and liquorice swirls being resistant to special candies. Some blockers are easier to remove than others. Blockers cannot be swapped with other candies, with the exception of liquorice swirl and candy bomb blockers.

Blockers are the main obstacles of the board, so it is advisable to clear them as quickly as possible. Nearly every level has at least one type of blocker. Levels can have up to five types of blockers, however. The first level to have two different types of blockers is level 25, and the first to have three different types of blockers is level 52.

Despite some blockers being a nuisance, some blockers are useful. For example, liquorice swirls, marmalade, and icing can prevent chocolate from spreading, and chocolate can engulf a candy bomb. Marmalade sometimes guards special candies to use to your advantage.

Since Divine Diner, players may have to collect blockers as part of the order for candy order levels.

List of blockersEdit


  • Toffee tornado (removed)
  • Red Jelly Fish in marmalade
  • Empty marmalade
  • Marmalade with coconut wheel
  • Marmalade with wrapped and striped Candies
  • Chocolate
  • Chocolate spawner
  • Cake bomb (web)
  • Cake bomb (mobile)
  • Regular icing
  • One-layered icing
  • Two-layered icing
  • Three-layered icing
  • Four-layered icing
  • Five-layered icing
  • One-layered sugar chest
  • Two-layered sugar chest
  • Three-layered sugar chest
  • Four-layered sugar chest
  • Five-layered sugar chest
  • Liquorice lock
  • Liquorice swirl
  • Candy bomb without timer
  • Popcorn
  • Magic Mixer.png Magic mixer (first version)
  • Animated magic mixer (current version)


  • two-layered icing is presented in the initial layout before the sachet. However, a sachet can be seen if a layer is removed from a two-layered icing.
  • The most infamous blockers of Candy Crush Saga are: chocolate, chocolate spawners, candy bombs, five-layered icing, five-layered sugar chests, popcorn and magic mixer (formerly known as evil spawner) because of their properties and the difficulty of destroying them.
  • Colour bomb + colour bomb combination can strip a layer from or remove all of the blockers except chocolate spawners and sugar chests.
  • Four of the blockers won't be introduced officially in Dreamworld because it has ended in the 45th Dreamworld episode, Dozy Dawn. These are sugar chest, popcorn, magic mixer, and bobber. However, popcorn and locked chocolate gets an unofficial introduction due to the removal of the toffee tornado.
  • Blockers can sometimes be beneficial. Most specifically, when a coconut wheel is set off, and there is a blocker in front of a colour bomb, or another coconut wheel, the blocker will prevent the active wheel from setting off those special candies blocked. It may also prevent the impact of detrimental blockers. However, the special candies under coconut wheel activates on mobile version.
    • Since Divine Diner, blockers are even required. Some levels rely entirely on Magic Mixers to complete.
    • Immobile blockers are also helpful when blocking out a candy bomb/liquorice dispenser, or preventing chocolate from passing though.

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