• HM100

    I'm about thinking of making this contest before uploading here the Sodalicious designed LDC.

    • You can only use your personal css to design it.
    • Only one or two entries per user
      • This rule does not apply to the owner of this blog post.
    • It should show this wiki only and you should select a mainspace article.
    • If your entry is good, then I'll double your points earned when I see your uploaded level in the future Soda LDC.
    • The winning ones will be featured in my featured arcade images
    • You should not use the ones I've made here
    • If you make your own version, explain how it works
    • If you give an image, it will be great. You must give it to be not disqualified.

    1. na (Will have score x3 in my next ldc)
    2. na (Will have score x2 in my next ldc)
    3. na (Will have score of x…

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  • CC-8589934592

    New map on mobile

    August 4, 2017 by CC-8589934592

    Anyone got this map version?

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  • Marisa1980

    Hi, everyone! It's been 4 years since I joined in this wiki. And today, I write this blog to inform you that I will be officially retired from September 2017. Because the tests for national high school exam are coming, so I have to stop playing to review the lessons.

    However, that does not mean that I officially leave this wiki. I will still be active latently via checking WikiActivity.

    Hope every one can beat all levels in Candy Crush series.

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  • HM100

    GTCL from A

    July 22, 2017 by HM100
    • You only guess the levels that the combined ones is created
    • If 2 or more users answer correct, this level may be featured in my fanon as GMK style
    • If you edit your comment, you score is halved by 4
    • If you answer all wrong, you'll get -1 points
    • If you anwser correct, you'll get 18 points since each answer gives 2 points
    The layout
    • 4 4x4 levels includes. Each 4x4 level includes a middle 2x2 level
    • A + level combined too.
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  • Courtemanche437

    6,000 EDITS!!!

    July 15, 2017 by Courtemanche437

    I have done it yet again!!! Just six weeks after reaching 5,000 edits, I have completed my third millennium this year! Aside from my fifth 1,000-edit count, this is by far the shortest time it's taken me to contribute so much! In this time, I was promoted to admin, which was a very exciting event for me. To earn that status, I provided my opinions on the latest levels' difficulties that were unrated, added categories to their pages, and other helpful things which I pounded out constantly.

    In addition to becoming admin while going through this millennium of edits, I also started the wiki's official Discord server, which currently has more than 30 members. It has proven to be an extremely useful alternative to just using the live chat feature…

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  • HM100

    Streak Broken

    July 2, 2017 by HM100

    Sorry to everyone. Now my steak has been reset due to miss of a day in here for editing

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    Recently on Discord Chat, I am already unofficially hosting an Ask Me contest, where Discord chatters ask me about the number of levels with a certain property. But as July is approaching, I am happy to announce that my exclusive Ask Me contest has gone official!

    The official contest contains two parts. For Section I, you will ask me questions, and I will answer it, along with a proof that is outputted from my extracting program. For Section II, I will ask you questions, and you will have to state the amount. You will be scored based on the accuracy of your estimates.

    Any user can ask me any question, as long as it is relevant to the game and the wiki.

    The allowed subjects includes, and is not included to:

    • Level enumeration
      • Type
      • Score
      • Elements
      • Blocker…

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    Previous post

    The HTML5 platform for Facebook is now live. Again, this platform is not much different from the mobile app including the Windows 10 app version.

    You can still play the Flash version on Facebook.

    Flash is endangered to becoming obsolete. Chrome is already setting Flash to Ask every time instead of Detect or Allow, but that can be overcome by going to Advanced Settings → Content Settings, and setting Flash to allow (this does not work in incognito). The HTML5 platform offered several advantages and disadvantages, but the most controversial aspect of this platform is about that it is the mobile platform, and it can annoy several people who use both the web and mobile platfo…

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  • Wildoneshelper

    I have finished all my public exams and I have quite a lot of free time, so I'm announcing my brief return to this wiki starting from 1 July! While reading this post, you might not have noticed my bot has corrected a lot of grammatical mistakes on the wiki. During my brief return, this is what I will do:

    • Continue my difficulty reviews
    • Organize Main Page design competition (details coming soon!)
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  • Courtemanche437

    Welcome once again everyone to yet another level contest hosted by me! This time, the theme will be levels in which more than one goal must be completed. As with the last contest, the first three placers will win a spot in fanon, so be creative! That said, let's get straight into the...

    1. Your level must be a Mixed level, which is a combination of two level types in one. However, for this contest, I encourage you to combine different types of levels than the ones in the regular game, for example, Jelly and Candy Order levels. 

    2. The types you are allowed to mix are as follows: Jelly, Ingredients, Candy Order, Timed, Soda, Honey, and Jam.

    3. Your level can have between three and seven colors. Set your moves and target scores accordingly! The…

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