• HM100

    I'm about thinking of making this contest before uploading here the Sodalicious designed LDC.

    • You can only use your personal css to design it.
    • Only one or two entries per user
      • This rule does not apply to the owner of this blog post.
    • It should show this wiki only and you should select a mainspace article.
    • If your entry is good, then I'll double your points earned when I see your uploaded level in the future Soda LDC.
    • The winning ones will be featured in my featured arcade images
    • You should not use the ones I've made here
    • If you make your own version, explain how it works
    • If you give an image, it will be great. You must give it to be not disqualified.

    1. na (Will have score x3 in my next ldc)
    2. na (Will have score x2 in my next ldc)
    3. na (Will have score of x…

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  • HM100

    GTCL from A

    July 22, 2017 by HM100
    • You only guess the levels that the combined ones is created
    • If 2 or more users answer correct, this level may be featured in my fanon as GMK style
    • If you edit your comment, you score is halved by 4
    • If you answer all wrong, you'll get -1 points
    • If you anwser correct, you'll get 18 points since each answer gives 2 points
    The layout
    • 4 4x4 levels includes. Each 4x4 level includes a middle 2x2 level
    • A + level combined too.
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  • Courtemanche437

    Welcome once again everyone to yet another level contest hosted by me! This time, the theme will be levels in which more than one goal must be completed. As with the last contest, the first three placers will win a spot in fanon, so be creative! That said, let's get straight into the...

    1. Your level must be a Mixed level, which is a combination of two level types in one. However, for this contest, I encourage you to combine different types of levels than the ones in the regular game, for example, Jelly and Candy Order levels. 

    2. The types you are allowed to mix are as follows: Jelly, Ingredients, Candy Order, Timed, Soda, Honey, and Jam.

    3. Your level can have between three and seven colors. Set your moves and target scores accordingly! The…

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  • Courtemanche437


    May 26, 2017 by Courtemanche437

    Mullig and I are currently in a race to reach our next edit milestone, which is 5,000 edits. Who do you think will win? Vote in the comments below!


    The margin of victory was very small. Mulliganaceous had 4991 edits at the time Courtemanche reached 5K. This is a difference of only 9 edits.

    Courtemanche is now applying for admin at the time he reached his 5K. It is also his fastest millennium.

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  • HM100
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  • Bp101697

    Good evening! Welcome to "A Few Color Level Design Contest."

    • Only one entry per user. No anon users allowed to join this.
    • All entries must have two colors or three colors.
    • All entries must have 20 moves or higher.
    • Jelly levels are not allowed since in CCS most 2-colored levels and 3-colored levels are jelly levels. Now only ingredients levels, moves levels, and mixed mode levels are allowed.
    • Your entry must be able to create special candies matching. (Levels like 2117 are not allowed because only cascades can create wrapped candies.)
    • You must clearly explain how dispensers and portals work, if neseccary.
    • You can use blockers in Soda Saga (except liquorice links.)
    • No copying levels from original.
    • No boards refering to inauspicious things. You will be…

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    Previous blog (LDC Preview)

    Important Ones Read the previous post. Again, NO PLAGIARISM ALLOWED!


    • All submissions will be rated by me, and other submitters on a 10-point scale (zeroes are possible). An explanation will also be given for every rating.
      • Please don't fret if you receive a lower score such as a 5-6. I usually will submit these scores if your rating is at least a 5.
    • You should explain everything that can be shown on level infoboxes. If there are spawn notes or magic mixers, you should also explain it.
    • You can submit up to three different Reality levels. However, unlike the preview post, submitting Dreamworld counterparts are now optional.
      • A Reality-Dreamworld pair counts as one submission. Dreamworld-only submissions do not count. …

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    Previous blog

    I have finished my blueprints. All designs are made by me on Microsoft Publisher, so levels are easier to create with more organization. The graphics are laid out such that it provides both clarity and detail while preventing ambiguity and making it look as similar to the in-game appearance as possible. It also works well when dealing with element combinations which makes notation awkward. If you want my blueprints, you can email me at

    Most blockers and elements are identical or very similar to their in-game appearances, but are simplified to a minimalist style.

    Please note that an asterisk (*) represents a regular candy. A white candy represents any possible candy color. A colored candy represents a fixed

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  • HM100
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  • Lucas8111999

    Good evening! This is another level design contest. For this contest, you must make a level with locked chocolate. The top 3 are the winners and will be levels in my fanon.

    1. One entry per user
    2. At least 10 locked chocolate squares.
    3. Can be in any level type, except mixed levels.
    4. Popcorns, magic mixers, sugar chests, frogs, chameleon candy are not allowed for this contest.
    5. Levels with less than 2 colors and more than six colors are not allowed.
    6. Fan elements, including and are not allowed.

    • This contest will end at May 5, 2017.
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