• L819F

    Special Candy contest

    April 29, 2018 by L819F

    Welcome everyone to a level contest hosted by me! This time, the theme will be levels with special candies. The joined levels will appear on my fanon, so be creative!

    1. Your level should have at least one special candy or one special candy dispenser;
    2. Your entry must have at least two kinds of blockers;
    3. All level types from CCS are allowed, except timed levels;
    4. Chocolate levels, jam levels, jelly color levels and anti-order levels are allowed;
    5. Levels with time instead of moves are allowed;
    6. Your entry must have at least 5 moves and no more than 80.

    • This contest will end when 5 entries are submited!
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  • HM100

    Bronzie Samus - Letter LDC

    April 24, 2018 by HM100
    • All levels should be shaped or having a part to be like an English capital letter
    • You can use any CCS, CCSS level type as well as Pipeline and Blocker levels
    • No timed levels as this type is being eliminated from the game
    • Only 3, 4 or 5 colored levels
    • No more than 35 moves in your entry and no less than 25 moves in your entry
    • You can use Dark purple candy from CCSS but only in 5-colored levels
    • Board must not include more than 50% of the board with blockers
    • No empty spaces.
    • No more than 3 dispensers are allowed
    • Allowed Fan elements:
      • Multilayered Swirls
      • 6-layered icing
      • CCSS blockers (Except Ice Cubes and Comb Honey)
      • Double locks (Only the ones with cages allowed, entry will be disqualified if it uses white lock)
      • Large Toffee Tornado (Only if your entry is…
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  • HM100
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  • Courtemanche437

    Welcome to my first level design contest this year! This is a theme I've had in mind for a while, but since my last contest only just recently ended, I wanted to give this one some time to stew. Regardless though, this contest will be centered around small boards, because sometimes, less is more. Alright, enough morals and let's get on with it. 

    1. Your board cannot have more than 49 spaces. 

    2. There must be at least one type of blocker.

    3. Between two and five candy colors can be present. 

    4. Candy Crush Soda Saga and fan elements can be used.

    5. All level types are permitted.

    This contest does not have any deadline. It will end when at least five entries have been submitted. 

    Rank/User Comments





    For this contest, there are special temp…

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  • L819F

    Two Colored level contest!

    November 19, 2017 by L819F

    Welcome everyone to a level contest hosted by me! This time, the theme will be ideas of levels with two colors. The joined levels will appear on my fanon, so be creative!

    1. Two colored levels only!
    2. Any CCS level type are allowed. Chocolate levels are allowed too.
    3. Need to have at least three types of blockers.
    4. No fan elements and Soda/Jelly Saga things.
    5. Magic mixers, popcorns and candy frogs are banned.

    • This contest will end when 5 entries are submited!
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  • Courtemanche437

    My first official fan element is here, the Coal blocker.



    It has a few properties that make this blocker unique. It can be switched around like a licorice swirl but can only be removed by special candies. When cleared, coal awards 3,000 points, but unlike candy bombs, it does not end the game. 

    I've made a few casual levels with this element and I felt that it would be fun to see how other creators could interweave this blocker into their style of levels, so here is my next level design contest! Here is everything you need to know about crafting your entries for this one: 

    1. At least three Coal blockers must be present! 

    2. Your level can have between three and seven colors.

    3. CCSS elements are allowed, and any element listed on my fanon's pl…

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  • L819F

    Ingredient level contest

    October 9, 2017 by L819F

    Welcome everyone to a level contest hosted by me! This time, the theme will be ideas of ingredient levels. The joined levels will appear on my newest fanon, so be creative!

    1. Only ingredients levels are allowed!
    2. Level must have two colors or more!
    3. Popcorns, candy frogs, magic mixers and sugar chests are not allowed.
    4. Fan elements and CCSS/CCJS elements are banned!
    5. Must have at least 1 stuck zone!
    6. Must have at least two types of blockers and one type of special candy.
    7. Your entry should have 26 moves or more!

    • This contest will over in october 16, 2017.
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  • Courtemanche437

    The contest has ended! Here is how everyone placed.

    Rank/User Comments
    1. Mulliganaceous

    Surprise of all surprises, another very intricate level from Mullig.

    Although originally this level couldn't have been possible in my fanon, I like all the quirks involved, and how it's meant to be an endurance test to get to the three-star target score. 

    However, I'll probably change the target scores for the actual implementation into C437CCS, though it's still very nicely designed.

    2. Trinket9

    Honestly one of the more original entries in this list, seeing as this is the only one that doesn't involve candy bombs in any way, and the licorice links plus the white chocolate make this a unique entry for the contest.

    This level was close to being third but just b…

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  • HM100

    I'm about thinking of making this contest before uploading here the Sodalicious designed LDC.

    • You can only use your personal css to design it.
    • Only one or two entries per user
      • This rule does not apply to the owner of this blog post.
    • It should show this wiki only and you should select a mainspace article.
    • If your entry is good, then I'll double your points earned when I see your uploaded level in the future Soda LDC.
    • The winning ones will be featured in my featured arcade images
    • You should not use the ones I've made here
    • If you make your own version, explain how it works
    • If you give an image, it will be great. You must give it to be not disqualified.

    1. na (Will have score x3 in my next ldc)
    2. na (Will have score x2 in my next ldc)
    3. na (Will have score of x…

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  • HM100

    GTCL from A

    July 22, 2017 by HM100
    • You only guess the levels that the combined ones is created
    • If 2 or more users answer correct, this level may be featured in my fanon as GMK style
    • If you edit your comment, you score is halved by 4
    • If you answer all wrong, you'll get -1 points
    • If you anwser correct, you'll get 18 points since each answer gives 2 points
    The layout
    • 4 4x4 levels includes. Each 4x4 level includes a middle 2x2 level
    • A + level combined too.
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