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Episode 51 character after
Gender Male
First appearance Marmalade-Meadow
Problem Marmalade Meadow: His harvesting equipment is clogged.
Solution Marmalade Meadow: Tiffi fixes the equipment by pumping it very tightly.
Full list of appearances Reality:
Dreamworld (web):

Boomer is a minor character in Candy Crush Saga. He is a bumble bee that first appears in the 51st episode, Marmalade Meadow. Before introducing level 741, his harvesting equipment is clogged. After completing level 755Tiffi fixes the equipment by pumping it very tightly. Then they realise that it was a blue candy that clogged it. In the 41st Dreamworld episode, Twilight Tulips, he pops out from a tulip.

In the 161st episode, Cobweb Canopy, he was flying high when suddenly, he got trapped in a sticky cobweb. Tiffi uses her super scissors to cut one portion of the cobweb and set Boomer free.

He also appears in the Spring to life event.

Future appearancesEdit

He will reappear in Episode 167.


  • His appearance in Dreamworld is ten episodes earlier than his appearance in Reality because Twilight Tulips is episode 41 but Marmalade Meadow is episode 51. He is also the only character to debut in a Reality episode which has no Dreamworld counterpart and appears earlier in Dreamworld, thus still making an appearance in Dreamworld. This is only applicable on web.
  • On mobile, he used not to appear in the background, but now it was fixed.
  • He is referred as masculine. However, only worker bees extract nectar; furthermore, all worker bees are biologically female, yet having no gender.


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