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Candy Crush Bank is where the player can buy gold, the in-game currency in Candy Crush Saga. The feature was introduced on 19 September 2013 along with gold bars. There are 8 different collections of gold available: 10, 50, 100, 150, 200, 250, 500, and 1000.

Problem spendingEdit

Most players use and enjoy Candy Crush free but for a few spending can get out of hand. It starts easily with the player thinking along lines like what’s below.

Well, the app was free and I’m struggling to beat this one level. (…) I’m sure purchasing a 99c power-up in order to get out of this rut is totally justifiable this one time, and I will never do it again. (…) I know I can ask my friends for a ticket to the next level pack, but they might not respond immediately and the game was free so I can just buy this first level pack and do it properly next time! [1]

Candy Crush BankEdit

No. Gold Density Indian rs Value (EUR) Value (TWD) Value (VND)
10 0 0
50 0 0 Most Popular
100 0 0 223,000
150 0 0 335,000
200 0 0 447,000
250 0 0 15% discount
500 0 0 19% discount
1000 8000 0

Best Value
23% discount

Secure Payment:

Notes: Value may differ at some countries.

Starter PackEdit

Starter Pack

On Facebook

Screenshot 2015-10-11-09-21-28

On mobile devices

The Starter Pack will give the player 50 gold bars, 3 lollipop hammers, 3 colour bombs and 3 jelly fish if he/she buys it.


Weekend SaleEdit

Description: Dive into these deals & join the party!

Halloween SaleEdit

Description: No tricks... just sweet deals on Gold Bars, Boosters and Unlimited Lives!

Super SaleEdit

Description: Stock up on Boosters and Gold Bars! These humongous deals won't last long!

Holiday SaleEdit

Description: Tis is the season of sweet surprises! Indulge yourself with tasty deals on Gold Bars, Boosters and Unlimited Lives!

Valentine's SaleEdit

Description: Gold Bars, Boosters and Unlimited Lives for a sweet Valentine's!

Fabulous SaleEdit

Description: Fabulous Sale!
Only 2 days left


  • This element has been redesigned 4 times.
  • For unknown reasons, the latest redesign increased the 250 gold bars to 1000 gold bars.
  • As of 22 March 2014, players can now pay with mobile from their computer.
    • However, player can not pay with mobile from their computer if they play on


  1. If Candy Crush Saga were named more honestly, it would be called Soul Crush Bonanza.

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