Inactive users with specific rights may have their rights removed.


An inactive user is one who has

  • made no edit in 3 months or had obtained the Inactive tag. [1] or
  • made no specific user rights actions in 3 months.[2]

Actions on specific user rights are(actions related to editing are excluded):

  • Chat moderator: Banning someone from chat (If the chat moderator is active on chat, it is not considered as inactivity because of the chat activity)
  • Discussions moderator: Chat moderator's action, deleting a comment, removing a forum thread
  • Content moderator: Protecting or deleting a page, moving pages or files
  • Administrator: Discussions regarding moderator's action, content moderator's action, blocking a user, granting someone chat/discussions moderator rights, etc.
  • Bureaucrat: Administrator's action(if administrator rights is given), granting someone rollback, content moderator, administrator rights, etc.

However, if a user places a message on his/her message wall stating that he/she will be away for a period and giving an intended return date, then no action should be taken over inactivity until one month after that date.

There will also be a demoting process.

Demoting process as a result of inactivity

  1. A notice must be placed on the inactive user's message wall linking to the inactivity policy (which will be created soon) and why his/her user rights will be removed.
  2. If the user does not respond to the notice within 30 days, the user rights will be removed.
  3. If the user responds to the notice but fails to meet the criteria above within the following 6 months, his/her user rights will be removed without any further notice.

Regaining ranks

A user who has been demoted due to inactivity will be given the status of a former user holding the rank (such as former administrator, etc.). Depending on the conditions, they can easily re-request for the same or lesser privileges provided that they have decided to come back to this wiki and have recovered to a reasonable activity level.

It is therefore recommended that the user becoming inactive should notify the community that their activity has reduced considerably on time of the inactivity notice.

Users currently on the inactivity list

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  1. 3 months are calculated based on last contribution date. For example, if the user made last contribution as January 1, 2016, then the user is demoted if he/she doesn't make any edit until April 1, 2016.
  2. 3 months are calculated based on the date that last action is processed according to the user log.