This is a compilation of the local staff members.



  • --MULLIGANACEOUS--: I need a fancy uppercase ß.
  • 3litecandycrusher: 3litecandycrusher, or 3lite, is known as a very active vandalism fighter and a very active user. You can find him on chat quite often, and he is almost always around to help. He also loves donuts, so feel free to give him one at anytime!
  • Bp101697: Bp101697 is a Thai user who is also a staff in Angry Birds Wiki. He sometimes contributes here, and usually at Candy Crush Saga Fanon Wiki to make his fanon, Candy Crush Saga: Candies Revenge (CCR).
  • Catinthedark: Catinthedark is a closet-geek with a covert addiction to Candy Crush Saga. Cat likes to participate in this wiki with coding activities, writing content, and helping others to fulfill their objectives. Often, Cat is literally 'in the dark' due to a preferentially nocturnal existence (life permitting).
  • CC-8589934592: Elsa is a Snow Queen from Frozen. He likes ice so much, and he wishes to become an ice-skater. He works on this wikia mostly time he is free, and detects spam, vandalism very quick. So, be careful with his icy power!
    • Recently he is always comes along with Pokemon (like Pikachu, Samurott, Glaceon...), and he wants to become a roleplayer, a children of Em.
  • Cheekian: Cheekian is a player who always play Candy Crush Saga and Candy Crush Soda Saga and have upload many walkthrough videos. Sometimes he have leak a bit about CCS and he just leak at chat sometime. But please don't request information from my wall.
  • HM100: HM100 (Makrus Tsokou in A Network) is a trusted mature person. He likes reverting vandalism and reporting it not only on his wikias but also on other wikis. He plays almost every games and has his very own stuff for every wikia and welcomes them to Ίδρυμα Wiki for discussing various issues on a wikia. Currently, he's the only most active greek user in this english community. My native language is not English.
  • Johnny.crush:
  • Marisa1980: Marisa1980 is a student at High School. He is an active administrator. He likes playing Candy Crush Saga. He works on this wikia mostly time he is free, and more wikias he can join. When not active on the wiki, Marisa1980 is playing CCS or studying. Rêcntly he is studying very hard for his next graduation exams.
  • PowerCrusher04:
  • S256: S256 is an English administrator who currently resides somewhere in County Cavan, Ireland. When not performing administrative tasks at the rate of one every five months, he likes to play Worms Armageddon with Leo, make music in FL Studio and make levels for his fanon in Game Maker. He also has Richard, a four-year-old tabby cat who is worshipped by all and sundry.

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