Cherry Baroness
Gender Female
First appearance Cherry-Chateau
Problem Cherry Chateau: She is stuck on top of a mound of candy.
Polka Park: Her hair is stuck with bubblegum.
Divine Diner: She lost her balance.
Solution Cherry Chateau: Tiffi requests her to say "Please", causing her to pound down with rage.
Polka Park: Tiffi uses a scissors to cut her hair to remove bubblegum.
Full list of appearances Reality:


The Cherry Baroness is a woman who is first encountered in the 33rd episode, Cherry Chateau. Before introducing level 471, she is stuck on top of a mound of candy, and demands Tiffi, calling her a "peasant", to get her down at once. After completing level 485, the Baroness is seen outraged by Tiffi requesting her to say "please" first. The Cherry Baroness gets so angry that she pounds all the candy below her, and manages to return to the ground. Tiffi congratulates her on getting down by herself, and the Baroness retorts with, "Whatever!" then walks away.

She also appears in the 59th episode, Truffle Terrace. She plays an antagonising role, similar to the Bubblegum Troll. Before level 861, she steals Tomas' hat.

She appears again in the 62nd episode, Polka Park. Before introducing level 906, her hair is stuck with bubblegum. After completing level 920, Tiffi uses a scissors to cut Cherry Baroness's hair to remove bubblegum, resulting in a new hairstyle.

She appears in Peppermint Party to celebrate New Year's Day! She has her original hairstyle from Cherry Chateau.

In the 98th episode, Divine Diner, she has very different hair and clothing style from original style on Cherry Chateau.

In the 106th episode, Scrumptious Studio, she wears blue dress.

In the 129th episode, Praline Pavilion, it was a rainy day, but she wants to go for a stroll around the Truffle Terrace. Therefore, Tiffi helps her by building a praline pavilion.

In the 157th episode, Marzipan Meadow, some pesky leaves from the windy trees of Marzipan Meadow stuck onto the beautiful hairdo of Cherry Baroness. Tiffi uses her leaf blower to blow the leaves off the Cherry Baroness's hair.

In the 184th episode, Pearly Parlor, Tiffi makes a portrait of Cherry Baroness to hide the broken mirror.

In the 33rd Dreamworld episode, Extraordinary Estate, she has become Tiffi's maid, and serves her a large cherry.


  • She is the second character to have three different problems in all her appearances, the first character being Benny.
  • All Reality episodes that have her appearance (as a main character) are graded as hard or higher except Peppermint Party. Most of them are extremely hard episodes.
    • Cherry Chateau is hard-very hard.
    • Truffle Terrace is very hard.
    • Polka Park is hard-very hard.
    • Divine Diner is extremely hard.
    • Scrumptious Studio is extremely hard.
    • Praline Pavilion is extremely hard.
    • Marzipan Meadow is extremely hard.
    • Pearly Parlor is nearly impossible. (Impossible on Flash version due to glitch on level 2741)
  • She is the second episode character that has played an antagonising role.