Gender Male
First appearance Dessert-Desert
Problem He cannot travel when his unicycle wheel got deflated.
Solution Tiffi helped him by pumping a wheel using a pump to continue the trip.
Full list of appearances Reality:

Count is a character in Candy Crush Saga. He first appears in the 99th episode, Dessert Desert. Before introducing level 1461, he and Tiffi are on a trip along the road.


  • He is currently the last episode character to be introduced, at the 99th episode, though a few other characters was created later (though present temporarily). He is also the last static character. There is a trend where episodes are reusing characters from previous episodes.
    • This is likely due to the naming of remaining characters.
    • At a current count of 209 episodes, this trend has maintained for 110 episodes.
    • The trend of a lack of new characters was temporarily broken with the appearance of Minty's Cake Quest characters and the Hen.
    • It is unknown if animated cutscenes or even new pathway shapes will be introduced afterwards.