Soda Swamp Map

Look closely at the top. The unreleased blue pathway is the inspiration for Cupcake Forest.

Cupcake Forest was a hoax episode in Candy Crush Saga and by far the most widespread. The hoax first appeared in July 2013, a few days after the release of Soda Swamp. Cupcake Forest would supposedly be episode thirty and contain 7 jelly levels, 5 ingredient levels, 2 candy order levels and a timed level. This hoax stirred up debates right up until July 17, 2013, when the real episode 30 was released, and turned out to be Rainbow Runway. The hoax also suggested that only some areas had access to the episode, despite the fact that when an episode is released, it was released globally (however, Dreamworld did release in certain areas first).

No one knows who exactly was behind the hoax, but it is assumed that it came about on the regular Candy Crush Saga Wikipedia page hence this revision (compare). This may mean it was probably totally false information entered by a vandal, possibly from the Philippines (the IP address is The hoax then spread to the Candy Crush website, (popular at that time, but nowadays its information is out of date), where it was seen by many people and the general Candy Crush community at the time believed this was the episode.

Many people were skeptical, however, as Candy Crush Saga had never announced a Cupcake Forest and the episode was not out yet. It was also disregarded as there had already been an episode named, "Cupcake Circus". Also, at the time, five Ingredient levels and 2 candy order levels was unheard of in an episode (although World Seven episodes follow this trend). A few days before the release of Rainbow Runway, Facebook showed a promotional image which showed a unicorn on a cloud. Many immediately recognised this as a hoax, though some still believed Cupcake Forest would be the episode.

When Rainbow Runway's promotional image was released, the Candy Crush Saga Wikipedia page removed it from the episodes list, and removed the Cupcake Forest page and apologised profusely for the false information from the Wikipedia vandal.


  • Much of the reason people did not believe this episode was real was because many things that were supposedly true about Cupcake Forest were unheard of at the time and broke all current trends, though many of those things have been done since:
  • Whilst there have been several other mini hoaxes, no hoax episode has ever come close to Cupcake Forest in widespreadness.