Episode 42 character after
Gender Male
First appearance Cereal-Sea
Problem Cereal Sea: He cannot move due to the cereal trapping him.
Solution Cereal Sea: Tiffi scoops away the cereal using her spoon oar.
Full list of appearances Reality:

Dexter is a minor character of Candy Crush Saga. He is a giant purple blueberry whale and encountered in the 42nd episode, Cereal Sea. Before introducing level 606, the sea that he lives in is full of cereal trash, including fruit loops. As a result, he cannot move. After completing level 620, Tiffi cleans the sea with an oar, making Dexter satisfied and able to move again.

In the 110th episode, Milky Marina, his blowhole is clogged up with cereals. Tiffi helps him get it out and now happily enjoyed their stay at the Milky Marina.

The player can see this character on Dexter's Delight event.

In the 149th episode, Scrumptious Slopes, he, covered in snow, was out skiing when he suddenly trips and rolls down the slope. Tiffi adds sprinkles and a cherry on top, making him look like a delicious sundae.

In the 173rd episode, Slushie Studio,

In the 42nd Dreamworld episode, Whimsical Waves, he becomes tiny, and is flipped by Tiffi's spoon.