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Reality Dreamworld

Easter Bunny Hills

Easter Bunny Hills

Created by Cryptero75Created by Cryptero75


Easter Bunny Hills Map

Easter Bunny Hills Map Mobile


Episode 6
World World One
Levels 66-80
Characters Benny
Champion title Chief Egg Layer
New features Teleporter3
Marmalade (unofficial)
Release date Web - 10 May 2012
Smartphone icon - 14 November 2012
Difficulty Medium
Previous Next
Minty-Meadow Bubblegum-Bridge

Easter Bunny Hills is the 6th episode of Candy Crush Saga and the sixth and final episode of World One. This episode was released on 10 May 2012. The champion title is Chief Egg Layer.


Before episode:
Benny the Easter bunny is stuck in a pool of chocolate, and says, "I am stuck in the chocolate. Please, help me!".
After episode:
Tiffi blows a bubble from the bubblegum she's chewing that encases Benny and brings him up out of the chocolate.

New thingsEdit

  • Teleporters (Teleporter3) are introduced. (Brief Description: Candies that pass through one gate enter through another)
  • Marmalade (Marmalade) is unofficially introduced in level 70. (Brief Description: This translucent layer normally covers a special candy below it. The player cannot switch the candy trapped in the marmalade. The player must make adjacent matches, match the special candy, or use other special candies to clear the marmalade and release the special candy.)
  • Stuck zones are introduced in Level 78.


Reality 6 Background

This episode contains levels 66-80.

Easter Bunny Hills is a medium episode. It has four somewhat hard-hard levels: 67, 70, 76, and 77. At first, level 70 was used to be very hard, but due to the nerf, it is now rated somewhat hard. Overall, this episode is harder than the previous episode, Minty Meadow, and considered to be the hardest episode in World One.

Target score Jelly Ingredient drop Timed Objective Mixed
0 9 5 1 - -
The easiest :
Level 80
The hardest :
Level 77
The most fun :
Level 69
Green Blue
Orange Green Blue
Orange Green Blue Purple
Red Orange Green Blue Purple
Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Purple
- 0 4 10 1
Sugar Drop icon Sugar Drop Levels
Ingredient drop Level 66 Jelly Level 73 Ingredient drop Level 78
Lockedhard Hexagon levels
Jelly Level 70 Ingredient drop Level 76 Jelly Level 77

 Difficulty code summary (details here)

NoneVery EasyEasySomewhat EasyMediumSomewhat HardHardVery HardExtremely HardNearly ImpossibleVariable

 Note that goals include target score.

0 2 1 Web - 6
Smartphone icon - 7
Web - 2
Smartphone icon - 1
3 1 0 0 0 0



  • This is the first episode to be named after a national holiday.
  • It is the first 15-level episode that ends with a timed level, level 80. (The second being Boneyard Bonanza.)
  • This is the first episode to have 3 words in it.
  • This is the first episode that begins with a vowel.
  • In the web version, Benny presents the candy order levels and says, "Collect all the orders!".
  • This is the only episode in which all odd-numbered levels are jelly levels.
  • This is one of the 2 episodes to have the last level being the easiest: The other one is Licorice Tower.
  • This episode is tied with Pearly White Plains and Fudge Islands regarding the most 4-colour levels in a single episode. The levels are 6973, 74, and 77.
  • If you beat Level 80 on mobile, let the ending scene play out: as soon as the bubblegum lifts Benny out, he disappears totally.
  • This is one of the episodes where no characters appear on the background of mobile version.
  • This is the first episode with an extremely hard Dreamworld counterpart.
  • The release date of this episode coincides with "World Migratory Bird Day".

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