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Extra Moves is a booster in Candy Crush Saga that adds additional moves to a level. It is unlocked in level 8.

Extra Moves (+5)Edit

Booster extra moves 5

The +5 Extra Moves booster gives 5 additional moves to the game when activated while you are playing a level. This booster can be activated only once per game, however, when you fail a level, you can use it again, by buying it. If you fail the level again, the game offers you to buy the booster with an additional booster, but getting more expensive each time you do, you can do this every time you want.

At the seventh failure, it offers you to buy a +15 moves booster, and at the eighth and subsequent failure, it offers you to buy the +50 moves booster. In fact, you must use at least 45 extra moves before reaching the 50-move booster, and upon that purchase, you would have a total of 95 extra moves!

Extra Moves (+3)Edit

Booster extra moves 3

The +3 Extra Moves booster gives 3 additional moves to the level when activated. The level you will play with this booster will have a pink ribbon. This booster is activated before you play a level (like coconut wheel, extra time, etc), and you must use it in this play. This booster is received as a gift from a friend when you are stuck at a level for at least 2 days. This booster is only available on web version as of now, though it was formerly also available on mobile.


  • Get 5 extra moves! Click to buy!
  • Get 5 extra moves! Use now!
  • Gift from a friend! Use now or uncheck to use later.


  • The +3 Extra Moves booster is the only booster that is not bought. It is also the only booster which does not cost Gold.
  • This is one of the boosters which you can't get from the daily booster wheel.
  • This booster, along with the moon struck booster, are not given discounts during promotions.
  • The only level type where this booster cannot be used at is on timed levels.
    • In Dreamworld levels of mobile version, this booster cannot be purchased unless one has run out of moves. The in-game booster buttons will show Moon Struck instead of Extra Moves.


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