This page is about hard levels regarding earning three stars. For hard levels regarding completion of a level, go to here.

A Hard Level To Earn Three Stars is a level on Candy Crush Saga that is considered difficult by the majority of players to earn three stars. Levels can be hard to earn three stars for a whole mass of reasons. Any level type has the potential to have levels which are hard to earn three stars. They may also be hard if chosen as a mystery quest.

The hardest level type to earn three stars is thought to be ingredient levels, and the easiest is thought to be jelly levels, as there are no particularly difficult jelly levels to earn three stars.

What Makes a Level Hard To Earn Three StarsEdit

Candy Colours - A level can have up to six candy colours. With six colours on the board, the candies are much more mixed up and matches are harder to make, as are special candies, making a level significantly harder to earn three stars than it would be if there were five or four colours. Moreover, in jelly levels, they decrease the possibility of huge point cascades.

BlockerBlockers can make a level hard to earn three stars by preventing huge cascades from occurring or by restricting available board space to make special candies. It can also reduce available board space which reduces points earned through colour bomb combinations. A blocker with many layers of icing can make a level hard by the sheer number of hits needed, reducing the amount of points earned through sugar crush. Even in levels with candy bombs, liquorice lock can make a level hard to earn three stars as a candy bomb inside a liquorice lock requires two hits to score massive points as one colour bomb is required to remove the liquorice lock and the other to remove the bomb (this is provided if regular matches or special candies have not yet remove the liquorice lock). The above point is applicable for mobile but not on web version. Even with dispensed candy bombs or candy bombs not underneath blockers, liquorice swirls reduces the power of the colour bomb, reducing the amount of points earned through colour bomb + candy bomb combinations.

Layout - The board can sometimes take a very complicated and confusing shape, sometimes a very awkward shape, or even isolated from the main board, making jellies hard to reach and cascades less likely. In some cases, candies do not spawn on the jellies, making it impossible to create huge point cascades. In other level types, they cause too many moves to be spent to clear the objective.

Move / Time Limit - In some levels the move or time limit is deliberately very low. This means fewer points to be earned through sugar crush or fewer opportunities to create special candies as the moves have to be used to clear the objective. In timed levels, a player must be very lucky and strategic with their moves.

Too few points awarded for completing objective - On candy order levels, the order only requires to collect a certain amount of candies which makes it difficult to meet the three star target score. This is because the candies do not give as many points (each regular candy collected gives 100 points, each special candy collected without the need of combinations gives 1,000 points and each special candy combinations gives 5,000 points). Specific orders such as the use of colour bomb + striped candy combination being used to meet an order for a large number of striped candies can also count if there are no additional means of earning points such as destroying candy bombs. On jelly levels, the number of jellies to be cleared is too few in respective to the target scores. Alternatively, there are insufficient jellies to sustain huge point cascades. In ingredient levels, the number of ingredients required to be dropped is too few in respective to the target scores.

Mechanics - The mechancics on web version and mobile work differently such as the creation of special candies and cascades. This means that there is a split difficulty rating for the web version and mobile as some levels are easy to earn three stars on web version but hard on mobile. The reverse holds true as well.

High Target Scores - The most common reason for levels being hard to earn three stars. In some levels, clearing the objective gives enough points to pass the level (one star). However, the three star target score is so high that players will need a good "Sugar Crush" or by sacrificing moves to create more special candies in order to earn three stars. This reason is always used with other reasons.

Hardest Level And Episode In The Game To Earn Three StarsEdit

There are three polls created to determine the hardest levels and episodes to earn three stars for the Reality and Dreamworld segments as shown below.

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