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Level 417

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Level 417
Level 417 Latest
Episode Soda-Swamp
Level type Ingredient drop
Ingredients Hazelnut: 3
Moves Moves-45
Target score 1star (trans): 30,000 pts
Blockers Marmalade  One-layered Icing  Two-layered Icing  12-move
Other features CoconutWheel  Ingredients Dispenser  Candy Bomb Dispenser
Number of
candy colours
Red Orange Green Blue Purple
Number of spaces 68
Difficulty Medium
Previous Next
Jelly Jelly
Level 416 Level 418

Level 417 is the seventh level in Soda Swamp (Episode 29) and the 101st ingredients level. To pass this level, you must collect 3 hazelnuts and score at least 30,000 points in 45 moves or fewer. When you complete the level, Sugar Crush is activated and will score you additional points.


  • There are candy cannons which will dispense candy bombs on the left frequently. They have 13 moves on them.
  • The ingredients are worth 30,000 points,[1] which is equal to the one star target score.


Two Stars
Score 30,000 100,000 130,000
Difficulty None Undetermined Undetermined


  • To have an easier time, try to take the coconut wheels out of the marmalade. Then, use one of them to roll upwards, creating a line of striped candies to hit the coconut wheel at the right. Afterwards, roll it to the left side to reduce the icing.
  • Take care of the bombs. They only allow 10 moves to destroy and constantly drop down in every other move, so get rid of them as soon as possible.
  • It is possible to combine a coconut wheel with a special candy, like a striped candy or a colour bomb, to blast the icing with even more impact.
  • Concentrate effort on destroying icings rather than bringing ingredients down, as they will fall down inevitably from holes in the board and the matches you make.

3litecandycrusher's strategy (with Toffee Tornado)Edit

  • Step 1: The first coconut wheel. Only free one of them on the lefthand side. This one will be used to free the one on the righthand side. Get it to the fourth column. If the other one on the lefthand side is opened, try to move it out of the 1st - 3rd columns. Activate the one you freed by swiping it up, but make sure there are no toffee tornados or cracks on the first column above the coconut wheel.
  • Step 2: The other coconut wheels. You'll want the one that is still on the lefthand side to be in the 5th column. Don't forget to watch the bombs. With a low timer, they are difficult to destroy in time. Swipe the coconut wheel up. This will remove more layers from the top of the 3-layered icing. Try to leave at least one toffee tornado on the board to help you clear the icing. Next, get bombs that are on the board. The toffee tornados can help with that. Use the other coconut wheel on the right hand side and activate it. This should open up some of the top half of the icing, and, if you're lucky, be able to make possible switches on the right side.
  • Step 3: The rest of the icing. You should have around 30 moves remaining. Try to use special candies to open up the icing while keeping the bombs at bay. When the opportunity comes, make matches on the right side. At this point, there should be about 15 moves remaining. Try not to destroy the remaining toffee tornado(es) still on the board, as they are more of your friend than your enemy. Continue keeping the bombs at bay, and do not let them fall over to the right side of the board, as they will be extremely hard to reach. Destroy all of the icings you can underneath the ingredients, with special candies and with regular moves, if you remain lucky. Most of the time, you will be able to get 1 ingredient down.


Board Info

Level 417 Reality Notes
  • Green line(s) show where the candies and ingredients spawn.
  • Cyan line(s) show where the candies and candy bombs spawn.
  • Blue line(s) are the hidden teleporter entries.
  • Pink line(s) are the hidden teleporter exits.
  • The hidden teleporters having identical numbers indicate where the entry and exit is.

Elements Info

Element Spawn Notes
Elements Notes
  • Ingredient spawn density: 15 moves.
  • If there are fewer than 1 ingredients on the screen, then the board spawns up to 1 ingredient when possible.
Candy Bomb Green
  • Spawn 1 every 2 moves.

Miscellaneous InfoEdit

  1. 3 ingredients × 10,000 points per ingredient = 30,000 points


Candy Crush Saga Level 41703:49

Candy Crush Saga Level 417

Candy Crush Level 417 No Toffee Tornadoes02:28

Candy Crush Level 417 No Toffee Tornadoes


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