Reality Dreamworld Past Versions

Level 486
Screenshot 2015-05-25-17-19-04

Level type Jelly
Jelly squares Double-Jelly: 56
Moves 15 Dreamworld
Target score 1star (trans): 56,000 pts
Blockers Locked Candies  Chocolate Fountain  Chocolate
Other features None
Colours 5
Red Orange Green Blue Purple
Number of spaces 64
Difficulty Medium

First Version (HTML5)Edit

  • There were 15 moves instead of 20.
  • Moon struck lasted only 4 moves.
  • The old difficulty was medium.

Moon StruckEdit

  • 1st Start: 10 Dreamworld moves left.
  • 1st End: 6 Dreamworld moves left.
  • 2nd Start: 1 Dreamworld moves left.
  • 2nd End: 0 Dreamworld moves left.
Moon Struck Normal moves Moon Struck moves
Moon Scale is full 5 moves 4 moves

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