Episode 22 character after
Gender Female
First appearance Savory-Shores
Problem Savory Shores: She is unable to find her seahorses who have run away from her.
Solution Savory Shores: Tiffi then pulls out a kazoo and plays it, retrieving all the gummy seahorses.
Full list of appearances Reality:

Milly is a minor character in Candy Crush Saga. She is Tiffi's twin sister even though she is a mermaid. She is encountered in the 22nd episode, Savory Shores. Before introducing level 306, Tiffi refers to her as "underwater twin" when she arrives, and it is revealed that she has lost her seahorses. After completing level 320, Tiffi plays a kazoo that attracts the seahorses. Milly is ecstatic at their return and thanks Tiffi.

In the 118th episode, Blueberry Brush, she and Tiffi are in a camping, and she has candy sausages to roast on the fire.

In the 142th episode, Treacle Retreat, while she is sunbathing, she got a seaweed stuck in her hair. Tiffi combs and fixes Milly's hair, creating a fabulous hairdo instead of removing the seaweed.

In the 22nd Dreamworld episode, Coral Corral, they are riding with a seahorse together.


  • She was formerly known as "Underwater Twin" or "Juli".
    • It is unknown if they are actually twin sisters, or if Tiffi was just making a comment based on how similar they looked like.
      • She could also possibly be Tiffi's friend.
  • In update on mobile, description of the update revealed its character name.