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Mr. Giant
Gender Male
First appearance Candy-Clouds
Problem Candy Clouds (Episode 20): He has fallen from his castle on clouds.
Solution Candy Clouds (Episode 20): Tiffi plants beanstalk, allowing he can climb it and return to his castle.
Full list of appearances Reality:

Mr. Giant is a minor character in Candy Crush Saga. He is encountered in the 20th episode, Candy Clouds. Before introducing level 276, he has fallen from his castle in the sky and cannot get back up to it. After completing level 290Tiffi helps him by planting a beanstalk, allowing the Giant to climb it and return to his castle safely.

In the 143rd episode, Radiant Resort, he feels underdressed on such a luxurious beach. Tiffi uses her favorite candy to make him an ankle bracelet.

In the 20th Dreamworld episode, Funky Fortress, he's wearing disco shoes.


  • He is the first and only character whose face is not shown.
  • He did not appear in Episode 67, also going by the name Candy Clouds.


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