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Mr. Toffee is the deuteragonist in Candy Crush Saga. He gives you some powerup tips if you have trouble with the level. Moreover, in mobile version and version, he is the one who gives you requirements to pass the level. He is a controlled puppet, and he is firstly seen in the 1st episode, Candy Town.

Physical appearanceEdit

Mr. Toffee is very thin, commonly described as a "bamboo man". He is also very tall, more than twice Tiffi's height. He has curly hair that's dyed orange just like his eyebrows, his goatee, and his mustache. His hands are gigantic that it can fit almost his whole head.

Clothing styleEdit

Mr. Toffee wears a midget red hat on his head. He wears a red suit with a blue tie. There is a monocle on his eyes. He wears blue pants.


He is caring and he helps Tiffi. Not much is known about his personality though, as he only appears little in the game.


Mr. Toffee appears in the 1st episode, Candy Town. In the mobile version and version, he requests you to pass a level in various ways. Also, he appears when you have a problem with a level and he offers you to buy boosters.

He appeared in the 15th episode, Sweet Surprise to surprise Tiffi, alongside with other characters. He is seen upside-down, on the top right corner of the screen.


  • Mr. Toffee is the adoptive father of Tiffi and Kimmy, according to the splash text.
  • Despite his name, his favourite candy is jelly.
  • He raised Tiffi in his candy shop.
  • He sells the best sweets in the Candy Kingdom.


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