When all 3 Mystery Quests are completed, the next episode is unlocked!

Mystery Quest is a hidden substitute for tickets in Candy Crush Saga. They are levels that you need to play so that you can get to the next episode, and this can only be done on the mobile versions of the game.

The option becomes when you are disconnected from Facebook or not connected to Wi-Fi (wireless fidelity). When you play a level, it will randomly pick three levels that you have played in the past (excluding levels 1-10), but the target score is increased to the one equivalent of a two-star target score, making the level slightly harder.

This is the most recommended way of advancing through the episodes. It is not recommended to ask friends for tickets, let alone buy them using gold.

When you pass a quest, you need to wait 24 hours before playing another one. Unless you manually set the clock, it takes at least 48 hours to get from one episode to the next (assuming you instantly beat the quests), opposed to asking for tickets which usually gets you to the next episode much faster, from minutes to hours. Usually, the target score for quests is the score required for two stars, but there are some exceptions.

Examples of QuestsEdit


  • Quests actually help when you play and pass one. This actually saves a ticket, and adds excitement to the next episode. Plus, practice makes perfect.
    • However, your progress of quests does not affect other methods of passing episodes.
  • The same level can appear twice or more in the same device at different checkpoints.
  • The mystery quests are randomly determined. It is never a level below 11 or a level you never reached.
  • As of Fudge Fjord (mobile), Mystery Quests are now only available if the device is disconnected from the internet.
    • Because of this, you can manually set the clock to override the normal wit times.
  • In old versions, if you did not beat the quest the target score will decrease by 5%. (e.g. 390,000 (level 411) to 370,500, 351,000, and so on)
  • Playing level 713 as mystery quest, it is almost impossible to beat the quest (150,000 points). It decreases to 142,500, 135,000, 127,500, 120,000, 112,500, 105,000, 97,500, 90,000, 82,500, 75,000, 67,500, 60,000 and so on.
  • It's possible to clear a quest of jelly, ingredients or candy order level without getting enough points, as long as you have collected all objective items.
    • In old versions, if above case had happened, your score would be raised to be same as the target score. As of now (v1.50), your score will not change even if below the score line.
    • In later versions, candy order levels can also be cleared without reaching the target score.
  • The easiest way to play the quests on the mobile device is by putting it on Airplane mode.
    • In later versions however, you may need to terminate the game with system manager first, and restart the game when offline.
  • Mystery Quests can sometimes be useless, as the wait time is 24 hours, and the wait time for the next episode is 72 hours. By the time 72 hours has passed with two quests done, it will unlock the next episode at the same time as the third quest, making the quest unplayable.
  • As of v1.54, it is possible to play mystery quests even if the player is waiting at the wrench icon. By tapping the icon, sometimes the asking for help window will appear.
    • As of v1.75, this will occur if the player is offline. Complete 3 quests or wait for 72 hours, and the window will not appear anymore, and nothing else happens.
  • Also as of v1.75, the 72 hours countdown will stop if the device is turned off.
  • In the past, the candy cane of target score was placed at the location of second star. In recent versions it is placed at the far end of score bar where the third star is at.


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