Olivia transparent
Gender Female
First appearance Wafer-Wharf
Problem Wafer Wharf: Her boat is broken.
Snack Shack: All her food is missing.
Solution Wafer Wharf: Tiffi fixed it with bubblegum.
Snack Shack: Tiffi brings back all the food to her.
Full list of appearances Reality:


Olivia is a minor character in Candy Crush Saga. She is a pink octopus wearing a sailor hat, and is encountered in the 10th episode, Wafer Wharf. Before introducing level 126, she is encountered with her broken boat that Tiffi offers to fix. After completing level 140, Tiffi completes her task of fixing the boat with bubblegum. In the 15th episode, Sweet Surprise, when the Bubblegum Troll pops out of the cake, she yells, "GET HIIIIIIIIIM!".

In the 80th episode, Snack Shack, she serves snacks to Tiffi.

In the 117th episode, Sprinkle Sea, she got entangled by a seaweed, and Tiffi shows up to help her disentangle.

In the 141st episode, Research Reef, she wants to study about sharks, but she is afraid to take a look at the drawn shark closely. Tiffi gives her a shark hat, so she can blend in safely.

In the 172nd episode, Truffle Trench,

In the 10th Dreamworld episode, Sparkle Submarino, both her and Tiffi wear sailor hats.


  • This is the third character with two different problems. The other two characters are Benny and Cherry Baroness.
  • It was confirmed in a video that her name is Olivia and some characteristics were revealed.
    • She is adventurous, tough and a great multitasker.
    • She likes bracelets and is a marine biologist.
    • Her morning routine involves a spin in the washing machine.