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Collect orders

An example of an order.

An order is an element in Candy Crush Saga, and it is needed to be cleared to complete candy order levels.

The orders appear on the left hand side of the screen, in the same place to where the ingredients are displayed for Ingredient drop levels. There can be anywhere between one and three orders to finish the level. 

For example, if an order shows a 10 next to a green candy, the player must clear 10 green candies. Types of orders get more complex as the game progresses.

When the order has been cleared, a check-mark appears next to that order and the level is completed when all the orders have been cleared.

Types of orderEdit

There are several types of order a player will have to clear during the game.

  • Candy colour order - The player must collect a certain number of a certain candy colour, for example, 20 red candies. They collect these by breaking them on the board. Theses orders appear for the first time in level 126.
  • Special candy order - The player must get certain special candies to win the level, for example, 3 colour bombs. These orders first appear on level 131
  • Special candy combination order - The player must combine two special candies as part of the order, for example, combining a striped and wrapped candy twice. These orders are usually much harder to fill, especially if there are more candy colours on the board. These orders first appear on level 130. Note: There is currently a glitch affecting mobile users that starts on level 126.
  • Blocker order - The player must remove certain blocker in order to complete the order, e.g. 30 layers of icing. They do not occur until the 98th episode, Divine Diner, as it is a newly introduced concept. These orders first appear on level 1447.

A candy order level can require up to three orders. Often, the orders are the same type. A level with three orders will probably be either three candy orders, three special candy orders or three combination orders. Sometimes, there will be a mixture (Such as 200 blue candies, and 5 striped + wrapped for the 425; only 149, 438, and 1304 have three types).

Blocker orders are the only type of order in which all possible outcomes have not been required as part of an order, unlike the other three.

For colour orders, all six different colours have been required as part of an order at least once. All three special candies (striped, wrapped and colour bomb) have been required as part of an order and all special candy combinations (striped+striped, striped+wrapped, striped+colour bomb, wrapped+wrapped, wrapped+colour bomb and colour bomb+colour bomb) have been required as part of an order at least once.

However, there are some blockers that, to date, have never been required as part of an order (i.e. candy bombs, cake bombs and sugar chests). It is unknown if any will be added in the future.


  • Even though the level only requires candies, if the player hasn't collected all the required candies, the "Oh No!" screen will still show that the player only requires (Insert number of candies left) combinations.
  • Blocker order is never introduced in Dreamworld because it ended at level 665.
  • There are currently no special candy and combo orders requiring:
  • There are currently no blocker orders requiring clearing of:
  • Also, there are various other combinations for orders which currently don't exist, i.e. colour bomb and specific candy colour combination or specifically coloured special candies. There are also currently no orders for candies such as mystery candies or chameleon candies.
  • Level 1471 is the first level with blocker order and classic candy order (normal colour candies and special candies) in the same level. Level 1502 is the first level with blocker orders and special candy combination orders in the same level.
  • Now that there are 4 different types of order it is unknown whether or not there will be a level in the future that will require four different orders (maybe even all four types of orders in the same level).


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