Not to be confused with Pepe.
Episode 39 character after
Gender Male
First appearance Biscuit-Bungalow
Problem Biscuit Bungalow: Bubblegum Troll covered his house with bubble gum.
Solution Biscuit Bungalow: Tiffi pops the bubble gum with Unicorn's horn.
Full list of appearances Reality:

Pete is a minor character in Candy Crush Saga. He is a pig and encountered in the 39th episode, Biscuit Bungalow with the Bubblegum Troll. Before introducing level 561, Bubblegum Troll blows up his giant bubblegum that blocks Pete's way back to his bungalow. After completing level 575Tiffi gets out of the screen then rides onto the unicorn of the fifth episode, Minty Meadow. The unicorn jumps and pops the bubble with the use of her horn.

In the 127th episode, Funky Farm, he tries to fix the broken weather vane found on the roof of the Chocolate Barn, but he doesn't have the proper materials. Tiffi helps him by replacing the vane with a jelly fish.

In the 160th episode, Nougat Nebula, a chocolate meteor hits the sweet satellite. He cannot handle his tools in space, so Tiffi helps him out by eating the chocolate meteor instead.

In the 175th episode, Strawberry Steps,

In the 211th episode, Swirly Shack,

In the 39th Dreamworld episode, Snoozy Strike, he becomes a bowling pin, and Tiffi tries to hit him with her bowling ball.