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Below is a list of special candies you can create and the combinations you can make in Candy Crush Saga.

Candy Crush Saga - All Combinations Combos01:41

Candy Crush Saga - All Combinations Combos

List of special candiesEdit

Name Appearance Effect Formation Example
Striped Candy Horizontal or vertical white stripes on a regular candy Clears an entire row or column, depending on the direction of the stripes. 4 regular candies in a row. The most common special candy, often created accidentally through cascades Vertical-Striped
Wrapped Candy  A regular candy in a same-colored square wrapper Clears the surrounding 8 candies, activates twice. 5 regular candies in a T, L or + shape Wrapped-Candy
Colour Bomb Chocolate ball coated with sprinkles When switched with a regular candy, it will clear all candies of that color from the board. 5 in a row Colour-Bomb
Jelly Fish A candy fish. Colours vary Removes one layer from three random jellies, going under blockers if necessary. Either bought in the Yeti Shop, or bought before you start a level, or created during the Sugar Crush after Jelly levels, where each move that you have left becomes 3 Fish
Coconut Wheel Pink coconut Wheel with a licorice center When switched with a regular candy, continues on in that direction, clearing all candies from its path. Also converts the first 3 candies to Striped Candies, and activate it. Bought in the Yeti Shop or bought before you start a level and appears on start screen in later levels


Candies Effect
Striped striped (trans)

Both candies will detonate in a "+" fashion across the whole board. If you select a striped candy, then swap it with a striped candy next to it, center of the "+" will be the 2nd candy.

Striped wrapped (trans) Becomes a giant candy that clears a 3x3 area up and down, and then left and right. (Similar to striped+striped but in a 3x3 area)
Colourbomb striped (trans) Transforms all candies of the color of the striped candy to striped candies, alternating between horizontal and vertical in reading order. Then they will go off from top to bottom. On mobile, the striped candy itself isn't detonated and simply disappears instead.
Jelly-Striped Creates three striped fish which lands on random spaces convert any eaten candy (e.g with no blockers) into striped candies that then activate.
Coconut-Striped The coconut wheel will turn the first three candies it touches into striped candies (horizontal or vertical depending on the direction you switched); it then goes off the screen and reappears on the other side, same direction, and converts three more candies to striped.
Wrapped wrapped A mass explosion is created that clears a 6*5 rectangle surrounding the two candies. The individual wrapped candies after effect explosion will explode once again, clearing each a 5*5 square.
Colourbomb wrapped (trans) The color bomb destroys all candies of the wrapped candy's color, then picks a second, random (or most prevalent) color on the board. Usually rewards many points.
Jelly-Wrapped Creates three wrapped jelly fish which convert any eaten candy into wrapped candies and activates them.
Coconut-Wrapped Causes the coconut wheel to follow the full path of the row/column it is on, turning each candy it touches to wrapped candies and activates them.
Colourbomb colourbomb (trans) Clears the entire board of candies and then each explodes, though not affecting anymore candy surrounding it. This formerly didn't affect chocolate or icing. Now it affects to all blockers and can hit popcorns.
Jelly-Colourbomb Creates three color bomb jelly fish which convert any eaten candy into another jelly fish and activates them, effectively turning three jelly fish into twelve.

No effect. For some unknown reasons, even if they are special candies, they can't be combined.


No effect.For some unknown reasons, even if they are special candies, they can't be combined.

Color Bomb is activated first. Then, converts a whole row / column of candies into Striped Candy and activates them. This effect is the same with a Coconut Wheel to Coconut Wheel combination but with only one whole row instead of two whole rows created.
Coconut-Coconut Converts the entire row or column to striped candies, then does it again after they have all been activated. The striped candy always face the opposite way that the coconut wheels went (horizontally vs. vertically). This is similar to combining a coconut wheel and a color bomb, but it does it twice and only affects candies.


  • Striped candy + wrapped candy combination and colour bomb + colour bomb combination appear in the achievement system in my profile.

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