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Star Meter (Reality)

Star Meter (Reality)

Star Meter (Dreamworld)

Star Meter (Dreamworld)

The Star Meter is a fundamental element in Candy Crush Saga present in all levels. The star meter shows how many stars the player will earn if the level is completed. The star meter appears on the upper left hand side of the screen. When you hit the green star on the star meter, you will be awarded one star. When you hit the green and red stars, you will be awarded two stars. If you hit the green, red and yellow stars or the top of star meter, you will be awarded three stars. At the right of the star meter is the players having corresponding points in that level (doesn't exist on mobile version). When you pass the player, the gray frame will turn yellow. Three stars, at the top meter or at the left, if the player has reached the target point three stars.


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