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Not to be confused with the Witch in the 11th episode, Gingerbread Glade or Caramella in the 88th episode, Hoax Hollow.
Stella character after
Gender Female
First appearance Bubblegum-Hut
Problem She is sad she can't make fun with Tiffi.
Solution She and Tiffi are having fun by the magic cauldron, creating lots of magical bubbles.
Full list of appearances Reality:

Stella is a minor character in Candy Crush Saga. She is a bubble witch and encountered in the 74th episode, Bubblegum Hut. Before introducing level 1086, She and Tiffi are having fun with the magic cauldron, creating lots of magical bubbles.


  • She is one of the main characters in Bubble Witch 2 and 3 Saga.
    • However, her appearance in this game is far different from those in her own games that, she looks much younger here.
  • If you complete level 1100, there is an entangled level 1088 on Stella's hat.


MAC = Mascot Award Ceremony (See more about the ceremony here)

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