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Sugar Crush is an event in Candy Crush Saga which is triggered when a player completes the objectives of the level, for example when all the jelly is cleared in Jelly Levels and all the combos have stopped.

When the level is complete, the Voice will announce, "Sugar Crush!" and the same words appear on the screen. The sugar crush is a reward and a way to get extra points for every move you have remaining when the level is complete.

Normally what happens is that after the sugar crush is announced, all the special candies left on the screen destroy themselves and then the sugar crush effect starts. The special candies go off in this order: Coconut wheel, wrapped candies, striped candies, colour bombs then other booster candies (jelly fish, lucky candy) (all these are done from top row to bottom row). Any new special candies formed during cascade will change the sequence. (i.e. There are only striped candies, but if a wrapped candy is made from cascade, that wrapped candy will go off first after the same cascade.) Some of the special candies will be converted during the process.

If you have no moves remaining but still some special candies on the board, they will be removed during sugar crush. If you have no remaining moves and no special candies, there will not be any sugar crush at all. 

There are three different types of sugar crush. The type of sugar crush depends on the level type.

Types of Sugar CrushEdit

Sugar Crush - Facebook
Sugar Crush 88888

A Sugar Crush in Level 70, with 6 moves left, a score of 88,888 points, and a target of 99,000 points. By the way, look at the digits in the score!!!

Level Type Sugar Crush Type
Moves Target score There is no specific sugar crush, but if there are special candies left on the board they will be set off.

Jelly Jelly

For every move remaining, three Jelly Fish swim onto the board and eat a candy at random. If the colour of the fish matches the colour of the candy it eats, 1,020 points are awarded, otherwise, none are awarded. If a player has five or more moves remaining, they get points for every fish that swims onto the screen. The score may no longer show as multiples of 20, for example, 88,888 (see picture). On mobile, a player gets 1,020 points for every fish that swims onto the screen, regardless of whether the colour of the jelly fish matches the colour of the candy it hits.
Ingredients Ingredient drop / Candy Order Objective For every remaining move, a candy at random is turned into a striped candy, which gives 3,000 points each, before they are all activated at once (one by one on mobile). This sugar crush gives many more points than the jelly level sugar crush.
Timed Timed All Extra Time Candies left on the board are converted into wrapped candies and set off, giving 540 points each. 


A locked goes striped

Level 581 during Sugar Crush. Watch the locked blue candy in lower right corner.

  • The jelly level sugar crush used to give 1,020 points for every single candy the jelly fish ate, and still does on the mobile. On Facebook, the calculation of fish points is nerfed. Only fish that clear candies of the same colour will award 1,020 points. 
  • On web version, there is a bug with the timed level sugar crush. The score of the wrapped candies and any other points obtained through combos isn't recorded in your points, but your score still does go up, for example, if you had 10,000 when sugar crush was announced, after the conversion and combos you could have gained 5,000 more points but your score will still read 10,000 but if the score for 1 star was 15,000 you will still win the level, despite the fact the score still reads only 10,000.
  • Some levels, such as 183, depend entirely on getting a high-scoring sugar crush, therefore beating the level in as few moves as possible. (For mobile) However, in Facebook, creating special candies especially colour bombs is the most priority instead due to a very few points during sugar crush.
  • On mobile, less Striped Candies will be made in Ingredients and Candy Order Levels. Specifically, you get roughly 4 Striped Candies for every 5 moves unused.
  • When Sugar Crush transforms remaining moves into striped candies, it's possible to pick candies under blockers (Liquorice Locks, and maybe Marmalade). If such case happens, the transformed candies will shake off the locks before exploding.
  • While special candies under marmalade remains untouched unless released, a locked special candy will shake off the lock and detonate. One example is level 733, where, if you use boosters and keep the cornered colour bombs untouched, they will go off on their own.


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