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Time is a main feature in Candy Crush Saga. It is a limit only present in timed levels, as opposed to the moves limit which is present in all other level types. The time can go from a mere 0:10 for level 1198 to a generous 3:00 for level 343. The time limit is increase by 5 seconds for every extra time candy destroyed. However the time cannot be extended over the original maximum time limit. For example, in level 1198, where the time limit is 0:10, if you destroy an extra time candy when there are 9 seconds (0:09) left, the time can only be extended to 0:10 and no further.

When the timer has 5 seconds (0:05) remaining, it begins to pulse red as a warning and you hear a ticking sound (Facebook). On mobile devices, you hear the ticking and that starts at 10 seconds (0:10) remaining. If the time has run out and you haven't reached the target score (only possible after Sugar Crush), the game will ask you to buy extra time boosters or end the game, and you will get a game over screen. 


  • Most timed levels have a 1-minute (1:00) or 30 seconds (0:30) time limit.
  • Level 252 is a timed level in which millions of points can be earned and can be played indefinitely.
  • Hard timed levels tend to have 1 minute and 30 seconds (1:30).
  • Shuffles used to cost 5 seconds (0:05) on the web version prior to the release of Sour Salon. Now the time freezes while the board is shuffled.
  • If you press the quit button, the time will stop.


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