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Timed levels are one of the five level types in Candy Crush Saga. This level type's icon is purple with an hourglass. Timed levels first appear in Candy Factory, the 2nd episode, with the first timed level being level 20.

Like moves levels, timed levels can be rare at times, with only 47 timed levels currently existing, making up 4.10% of all levels. Timed levels only appear in Reality, and their Dreamworld counterparts are replaced with other types. Timed levels are considered the easiest level type, as there are only a few of very hard timed levels like 134, 182 & 973. See the full list of Timed levels here.


Timed level icon

Timed level Icon on mobile

These are the only level types to have an infinite amount of moves.

To pass a timed level, a certain score must be achieved within the time allocated. When a match subsequently results in three cascades, a +5 candy will come down. If the cascades are still in progress, a +5 candy will come down after every four cascades. When time runs out all special candies are activated, then +5 candies are turned into wrapped candies and activated.

The Extra Time booster gives 15 seconds extra at the start and the discontinued Charm of Frozen Time used to freeze the timer until the player made their next move.

When an Extra Time Candy is matched, it will only grant 5 seconds or refill the timer, whichever is closer.

Difficulty (Reality) Edit

  • Highest difficulty: Very hard
Green candy timed

A green Extra Time Candy.


When you see this as your result of that level, obviously you fail if you don't have money or sufficient gold bars.

CCS loading trivia 9

How to pass timed levels.


Timed icon

Notable Timed LevelEdit

  • Level 20 - 1st timed level
    Level 20 Reality New Background

    Level 20-The first timed level

  • Level 108 - 10th timed level (Also the first timed level to have bombs)
  • Level 121 - A very hard level for some players
  • Level 182 - Currently one of the timed levels that has very hard difficulty.
  • Level 189 - 20th timed level
  • Level 211 - Only timed level with a time limit not divisible by 5. (17 seconds)
  • Level 252 - First timed level to have 4 colours. Can be played forever.
  • Level 297 - A timed level with the lowest time limit (15 seconds) and the hardest timed level to earn three 3 stars despite being very easy to earn 1 star.
  • Level 313 - 30th timed level
  • Level 343 - A timed level with the highest time limit (3 minutes)
  • Level 462 - Once considered the last timed level King would ever release, but was proven false when Cereal Sea was released. Also a hard timed level.
  • Level 698 - 40th timed level
  • Level 701 - The second timed level to have 4 colours. And currently the only level to have nothing on the starting board (before candies settle).
  • Level 725 - The third timed level to have 4 colours, and the first to have Extra Time Candy in Sugar Chests.
  • Level 880 - The first to have coconut wheels. The level which has the highest one star target score for Reality and the second highest in Dreamworld at 800,008 points.
  • Level 973 - Currently hardest timed level.
  • Level 1068 - Last timed level to date.

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