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Gender Male
First appearance Pastille-Pyramid
Problem Pastille Pyramid: He's tired and can't enter in his pyramid: Gerbil stole the key.
Solution Pastille Pyramid: Tiffi gives some candies to the Gerbil, and returns the key to Tommy.
Full list of appearances Reality:

Tommy is a minor character in Candy Crush Saga. He is mummy and encountered the 12th episode, Pastille Pyramid, Before introducing level 156, he is encountered locked out of his pyramid. Tiffi agrees to help him find a way back in. After completing level 170, a creature is found with the key, and Tiffi gives it back to Tommy who is extremely satisfied.

He reappears in the 15th episode, Sweet Surprise where he's found along with other characters.

In Peppermint Party, he joins to celebrate New Year's Day!

In Peanut Pass, he is stuck on a branch, and Tiffi brings a giant marshmallow so he can jump down safely.

In the 12th Dreamworld episode, Dizzy Dessert, Tommy juggles a rat and some balls.


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