Hello everybody! And wlecome to my plan blog! :D

Ok, this is my first time writing a blog with a plan. Here we go! (I guess)

  • I will add a (New) Page for (every) wikia that I'm ONLY in my fave. wikia.
    • I decide to not (to do it)
  • I will making a series call: Ask Alayna or other series I'll be making on Local Games in Forum .
    • I'll explain the rule soon.
  • I can draw, so if you want me to draw you something
    • Request are Open
      • Only tell me to draw that I like.
    • I'll add them to my gallery
      • I'll also add your request in there too.
  • I can try to edit some page.(Some of them, maybe)
  • I added NEWS to my account
    • And that will be on my other account I'm on.

(I think) That all for today


June. 1, 2017