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Guess the misspelled sentence No. 5


  • Every deadline will be ten days after the round is released.
  • Every hour deadline will be set at 12:00 AM UTC, unless if I am away, you can sent something before I came back.
  • This is the fifth round of the game "Guess the misspelled sentence". The previous round was on August 12, 2016, Friday.

Points system redesign:

  • Nearest to the answer = 2nd - 8th (first come, first serve basis)
  • Near but not nearest enough = No points
  • Incorrect answer but a new contestant = 5 points for the debut of the contestant.


Todee ees Marts Tu-Tousnd-Seben-Teen

Points for this round:

1st: 40          5th: 24        8th: 13

2nd: 36          6th: 20       9th and so on: 8

3rd: 31           7th: 16

4th: 29          

Current scores:

Unfortunately, the table's malfunctioning a bit, so I'll not publish that until tomorrow.

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