Hello everyone! It's been while, but now...

And I also have a specific reason why I'm demoted. :( I also haven't made contributions.... :(

The first reason is that:

I have to focus on studying...

I can't do studying and playing all at once, so I focus first on studying for my high grades... And I actually miss the end of the year... This also happened on previous years. Do you know why?

That's because that is the spike when everyone is too busy for their exams, their work, etc. So I can't spend the time from the previous year until the strike of 12:00 AM on Januray 1, 2017.

I need to take a break on playing, because the levels are too hard, especially in the 1200s.

The levels are too boring and hard.. And while you are now at the 2000s or late 1000s, I'm still on the first quarter of it! (Current: Level 1287/1288)

And now, I don't even know what I will do next.... So, I will have to start all over again to being a regular user...

That's because I didn't know the message was sent last week of Tuesday. This is because I am still thinking if I am going to go back, but everything may have been a bit late of me. So then, I became demoted. :(