After I inactive for few months,I just finally back...

This is why I inactive at this few months:

1) Computer problem causes I need to changed motherboard.

2) Too busy in real life activities:Such as work everyday without rest,do work from morning to night to get some income.(until don't have time having online)

3) Thinking of future whether what course I want to take in college/university.

And fortunately my computer problem has been resolved by replacing new motherboard,so can finally use computer now, although reason 2 and 3 still can cause me inactive at this month, but I still take one day every week to do something in this wiki to improve even more better.

But the next problem is nowadays CCS is very hard to play,I almost take one month to complete an episode,it is much horrible,I am stuck on 1957 which is nearly impossible level.

Anyways,I am planing to edit some previous episode for unreleased version to check some changes with stars and all levels,and episode picture I will upload as fast as possible.