I have done it yet again!!! Just six weeks after reaching 5,000 edits, I have completed my third millennium this year! Aside from my fifth 1,000-edit count, this is by far the shortest time it's taken me to contribute so much! In this time, I was promoted to admin, which was a very exciting event for me. To earn that status, I provided my opinions on the latest levels' difficulties that were unrated, added categories to their pages, and other helpful things which I pounded out constantly.

In addition to becoming admin while going through this millennium of edits, I also started the wiki's official Discord server, which currently has more than 30 members. It has proven to be an extremely useful alternative to just using the live chat feature and I'm sure I'm not alone in that opinion.

I've certainly been a lot more active lately than even in previous years when I was more passionate about my experiences here, as to be honest, while there have been some things that have really improved on this wiki, a lot has also changed for the worse in my opinion.

But anyways though, maybe I can reach at least one more millennium before 2017 is out, which would be incredible as it would signify that I would have made more edits in this year alone than my first three combined, which I think would be really amazing. 

Other than that, I can't really say much else except for the usual thank-yous to everyone who has encouraged me to keep contributing to the wiki, because I really appreciate your support! Here's to many more :) 

Courtemanche437 02:37, July 15, 2017 (UTC)