The contest has ended! Here is how everyone placed.


Rank/User Comments
1. Mulliganaceous

Surprise of all surprises, another very intricate level from Mullig.

Although originally this level couldn't have been possible in my fanon, I like all the quirks involved, and how it's meant to be an endurance test to get to the three-star target score. 

However, I'll probably change the target scores for the actual implementation into C437CCS, though it's still very nicely designed.

2. Trinket9

Honestly one of the more original entries in this list, seeing as this is the only one that doesn't involve candy bombs in any way, and the licorice links plus the white chocolate make this a unique entry for the contest.

This level was close to being third but just barely made the cut for this position for that reason.

3. S256

Originally, Brian had submitted a level that I found to be too much of an expression of melancholy, so I kindly asked him to remake his because I didn't want such a negative portrayal in my fanon.

The actual submission, however, is a nice level that has an interesting concept and is decently challenging.

Overall, it's almost on par with Trinket's and just barely loses the battle for silver.

4. HM100 This level mostly revolves around just hitting candy bombs with striped candies, though since the board is restricted, the presence of only four candy colors means that cascades won't be plentiful, and as such the level won't go on for two hours and 50 minutes as opposed to two minutes and 50 seconds. 
5. Marioman00 A nice design for sure, but at the same time it's also bland and boring. That's really all I can say, sorry :/