I'm about thinking of making this contest before uploading here the Sodalicious designed LDC.


  • You can only use your personal css to design it.
  • Only one or two entries per user
    • This rule does not apply to the owner of this blog post.
  • It should show this wiki only and you should select a mainspace article.
  • If your entry is good, then I'll double your points earned when I see your uploaded level in the future Soda LDC.
  • The winning ones will be featured in my featured arcade images
  • You should not use the ones I've made here
  • If you make your own version, explain how it works
  • If you give an image, it will be great. You must give it to be not disqualified.


HM100 Example Headers


  1. na (Will have score x3 in my next ldc)
  2. na (Will have score x2 in my next ldc)
  3. na (Will have score of x1.5 in my next ldc

For the rest, a big thank you. Hope you also participate on my soda ldc on 10 August 2017.