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Fill a suitable number in the question mark.



Hi, <insert name here> ! Welcome to my Intellectual Game! This game will help you train your thinking ability. The player must answer a series of questions. Each question has type of different thinking level. This is the elimination round. If the player writes true answer, they will get 500 points, the next players will only get 450, 400, ... points until the 10th player, they will only get 10 points. However, if the player writes wrong answer, they won't get points and are also lost 1 turn (maximum is 3). If they cost all 3 turns, they will be eliminated from the game. If the player doesn't join in any rounds, they will be decreased 1 turn (maximum is 3). Three remaining players will go to the final round to choose the winner and they will be given a congratulation template. The remaining players will be given an encouragement template from my game. Good luck!

Comment your answer by writing true answer. Do not write the reason and NO EDIT COMMENT!


The player who writes true answer will give specific points (in Introduction section). However, if the player writes answer and reason, they will be divided score they get. IP user can not join in this round.

Rank Player Turn Extra Lives Score Status
1 Micjan2003 3 1000 Order complete icon+400
2 --MULLIGANACEOUS-- 3 900 Order complete icon+300
3 3litecandycrusher 3 975 Order complete icon+450
4 Not real name 2 950 Order complete icon+500
5 HM100 2 400 Order complete icon+150
6 Powerjohn25 0 0 No-1 turn
7 CC-8589934592 1 350 Order complete icon+350
8 LucasH181 1 200 Order complete icon+200
9 Lucas8111999 1 250 Order complete icon+250


Congratulations! All your answer is true!



  • Row 1 and row 2: two squares add each other will equal a square above.
  • Row 2 and row 3: two squares multiply each other will equal a square above.
  • Row 3-4: (+)/ Row 4-5: (x)
  • So in row 3 and 4, we will have a calculation: 78+208=286

Apologize to CandyCrusher1991, you did not participate in this game at the begining, moreover, you answered wrong. So, you can not go up to the next round. Anyway, thank you for playing!

And sorry to Powerjohn25 you lost all 3 turns, so you will be eliminated in this round. Thank you for playing!


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