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The Voice is an element in Candy Crush Saga present in all levels, be it moves levels, jelly levels, ingredients levels, timed levels, or candy order levels. The voice is an unknown deep male.

The voice is always aided by onscreen text and announces when the player has done something worthy of congratulating, for example when one gets a large combo or completes the level's tasks.


There are seven different sayings the Voice uses.

Voice #1Edit

This voice is widely believed to be Mr. Toffee's voice. These are what he says.

Saying Occurrence Audio (.ogg)
Sweet When a player gets a small combo. Usually around 12 candies should be destroyed.
Voice sweet
Tasty When the player gets a larger combo, but still relatively small.
Voice tasty
Delicious When a player gets a large combo, usually destroying around 24-30 candies.
Voice delicious
Divine The largest combo announcement Mr. Toffee can make when a player gets an extremely large combo destroying tons of candies.
Voice divine


When a player finishes the level tasks and the Sugar Crush is announced.
Voice sugar crush
Moon-Struck When Odus' moon scale is full and the moon struck is announced.
Voice Moonstruck
Frogtatic When the candy frog is full of candy and is ready to be moved.
Voice Frogtatic

Voice #2Edit

This voice is noticeably different than Mr. Toffee's voice, as this voice isn't as deep. This voice might belong to the Conductor from Butterscotch Boulders since he's responsible for controlling the train.

All Aboard! - When unlocking the next episode tasks and the onward is announced.

Voice All Aboard

Tickets Please! - Asks to unlock the next episode is take as place is announced.

Voice Tickets Please

Easter EggEdit

Candy Crush Saga - Weird Divine Voice00:06

Candy Crush Saga - Weird Divine Voice

With every "Divine" the player receives on the Facebook version only, there is a 0.1% (1 in 1000) chance that the saying "Divine!" will be said in a different voice. This is an Easter Egg and is very rare.

This divine voice was the original "Divine" voice that was going to be used whilst the game was in production, however, the development team decided not to use it as it was too creepy, however, around July 2013, King re-added this "Divine" voice as a very rare Easter egg. The voice sounds like Stewie from Family Guy. 

Due to the random occurrence without warning, its rarity and the somewhat sinister nature of the voice, many players who encounter the Easter egg find it very scary and creepy. It is not scary to watch on a video, but when it happens in-game, it has been known to be extremely scary, and as it is a very rare occurrence, by the time one encounters it for the second time, it is just as scary.

This Easter egg can be best induced by playing level 252, as the level is bordering endless and almost every move will result in a 'divine'. However, even so, one can play the level for hours and not get the strange divine, as there is only a tiny chance of it happening. Inducing the Easter egg is not recommended though, as it is incredibly time consuming and even if you're expecting it, it is still incredibly scary when it happens.


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