World Eighteen
World 18
World number 18
Episodes Marmalade Moon to Drizzly Dale
Easiest episode(s) Wonky Wonderland
Hardest episode(s) Drizzly Dale
Levels 1206 to 1250
Previous Current Next
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World Eighteen is the eighteenth world in Candy Crush Saga. It contains episodes 82-84 and has 45 levels. It starts at level 1206 and ends at level 1250. It is preceeded by World Seventeen and succeeded by World Nineteen.

Target score Jelly Ingredient drop Timed Objective
0 25 12 1 7
The easiest :
Level 1209, Level 1240, and Level 1243
The hardest :
Level 1247
The most fun :
Level 1230


Episode number Episode name Levels Level types Release date Episode logo
82 Marmalade-Moon 1206–1220 8Jelly
4Ingredient drop
16 September 2015
Reality 82 Background
83 Wonky-Wonderland 1221–1235 9Jelly
4Ingredient drop
23 September 2015
Reality 83 Background
84 Drizzly-Dale 1236–1250 8Jelly
4Ingredient drop
30 September 2015
Reality 84 Background


  • This is the third world that only uses a type of ticket.
  • This world's episode pathways, colours, and banner placements are exactly related to that of World Fourteen.
  • All episode names have alliteration.
  • From this world onwards, pathway patterns are repetitive and occur every nine episodes, or three worlds, using the sequences in order: World Fourteen, World Seventeen, and World Sixteen.