World Eleven
World 11
World number 11
Episodes Crumbly Coast to Delectable Depths
Easiest episode(s) Crumbly Coast
Hardest episode(s) Polka Park
Levels 891 to 935
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World Eleven is the eleventh world in Candy Crush Saga. It contains episodes 61-63 and has 45 levels. It starts at level 891 and ends at level 935. It is preceeded by World Ten and succeeded by World Twelve.

Target score Jelly Ingredient drop Timed Objective
2 19 15 0 9
The easiest :
Level 906
The hardest :
Level 912 or Level 926
The most fun :
Level 906


Episode number Episode name Levels Level types Release date Episode logo
61 Crumbly-Coast 891–905 2Target score
4Ingredient drop
1 April 2015
Reality 61 Background
62 Polka-Park 906–920 8Jelly
5Ingredient drop
15 April 2015
Reality 62 Background
63 Delectable-Depths 921–935 6Jelly
6Ingredient drop
29 April 2015
Reality 63 Background


  • This world breaks the trend that every world contains 6 episodes. Starting from this one, all worlds will now have 3 episodes. Hence, this is the first "half-world" in Reality.
  • This is the first world not to have any timed levels.
  • This world once has the least amount of jelly levels in it. It was beaten by World Twenty-Three, as it had only 16 jelly levels.
  • This is also currently the only world whose level finale is a candy order level, and also ends with the number "5" instead of "0".
  • Every episode in this world was released in the same month (April 2015).
  • All episode names in this world have alliteration.