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Reality Dreamworld
World Five
World 5
World number 5
Episodes Fudge Islands to Rainbow Runway
Easiest episode(s) Fudge Islands
Hardest episode(s) Pudding Pagoda
Levels 351 to 440
Previous Current Next
World Four World Five World Six

World Five is the fifth world in Candy Crush Saga. It contains episodes 25-30 and has 90 levels. It starts at level 351 and ends at level 440. It is preceeded by World Four and succeeded by World Six.

Target score Jelly Ingredient drop Timed Objective Mixed
0 36 21 4 29 -
The easiest :
Level 403
The hardest :
Level 377 or Level 437
The most fun :


Episode number Episode name Levels Level types Release date Episode logo
25 Fudge-Islands 351-365 5Jelly
4Ingredient drop
23 April 2013
Reality 25 Background
26 Pudding-Pagoda 366-380 6Jelly
4Ingredient drop
14 May 2013
Reality 26 Background
27 Licorice-Tower 381-395 7Jelly
4Ingredient drop
29 May 2013
Reality 27 Background
28 Polkapalooza 396-410 6Jelly
2Ingredient drop
17 June 2013
Reality 28 Background
29 Soda-Swamp 411-425 6Jelly
3Ingredient drop
27 June 2013
Reality 29 Background
30 Rainbow-Runway 426-440 6Jelly
4Ingredient drop
17 July 2013
Reality 30 Background


  • The order of the colours in the background of this world is different. Instead of green in the edges and blue at the centre on other worlds. There is green at the centre and blue in the edges in this world.
  • This is the last full world of 2013.

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