Reality Dreamworld
World One
World 1
World number 1
Episodes Candy Town to Easter Bunny Hills
Easiest episode(s) Candy Town
Hardest episode(s) Easter Bunny Hills
Levels 1 to 80
Previous Current Next
N/A World One World Two

World One is the first world in Candy Crush Saga. It contains episodes 1-6 and has 80 levels. It starts at level 1 and ends at level 80. It has no predecessor and succeeded by World Two.

Target score Jelly Ingredient drop Timed Objective
7 43 23 7 -
The easiest :
Level 1
The hardest :
Level 77
The most fun :
Level 16


Episode number Episode name Levels Level types Release date Episode logo
1 Candy-Town 1-10 5Target score
23 March 2012
Reality 1 Background
2 Candy-Factory 11-20 5Jelly
4Ingredient drop
23 March 2012
Reality 2 Background
3 Lemonade-Lake 21-35 8Jelly
5Ingredient drop
23 March 2012
Reality 3 Background
4 Chocolate-Mountains 36-50 2Target score
4Ingredient drop
23 March 2012
Reality 4 Background
5 Minty-Meadow
(formerly Lollipop Forest)
51-65 8Jelly
5Ingredient drop
12 April 2012
Reality 5 Background
6 Easter-Bunny-Hills 66-80 9Jelly
5Ingredient drop
10 May 2012
Reality 6 Background


  • This is the first of the four worlds which were introduced before Reality was divided into worlds.
  • This is the only world in Reality that has one dice at the bottom.
  • This is also the first of the only two worlds which the episodes have short, dense pathways on mobile.
  • All episodes pathways on web are longer and different from the corresponding pathways on mobile. This is because only the web version explicitly divided Reality into worlds.
  • This world has the most jelly levels of all. In fact, more than half of the levels are jelly levels (53.75%).
    • This, along with its Dreamworld counterpart, are the only worlds ever to have one particular level type dominate more than half of all levels in this world.
  • The pathway for Minty Meadow was copied to the 64th episode. It is based on and has the same name as the 5th, and it is the first episode in World Twelve. Additionally, the mobile pathway is identical to the desktop pathway for the 64th episode, so it is much longer than the 5th.