World Ten
World 10
World number 10
Episodes Caramel Clearing to Coco Crossroads
Easiest episode(s) Caramel Clearing / Nougat Noir
Hardest episode(s) Truffle Terrace
Levels 801 to 890
Previous Current Next
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World Ten is the tenth world in Candy Crush Saga. It contains episodes 55-60 and has 90 levels. It starts at level 801 and ends at level 890. It is preceeded by World Nine and succeeded by World Eleven.

Target score Jelly Ingredient drop Timed Objective
0 47 26 1 16
The easiest :
Level 812
The hardest :
Level 875


Episode number Episode name Levels Level types Release date Episode logo
55 Caramel-Clearing 801-815 8Jelly
5Ingredient drop
7 January 2015
Reality 55 Background
56 Candy-Calaboose 816-830 6Jelly
4Ingredient drop
21 January 2015
Reality 56 Background
57 Nougat-Noir 831-845 9Jelly
4Ingredient drop
4 February 2015
Reality 57 Background
58 Gummy-Galaxy 846-860 7Jelly
5Ingredient drop
18 February 2015
Reality 58 Background
59 Truffle-Terrace 861-875 10Jelly
4Ingredient drop
4 March 2015
Reality 59 Background
60 Coco-Crossroads 876-890 7Jelly
4Ingredient drop
18 March 2015
Reality 60 Background


  • This is the second world to not cross a hundred, first being World 1.
    • This is also the first world to not have an episode that crosses a hundred.
  • This is the second world whose level finale is an ingredient level. The first one is in World Seven.
  • This is the second Reality world where all the episodes have alliteration. If you count Dreamworld, this could be the fourth world, as first in World 2, second in World 4, and third in World 5 (all dreamworld).
  • This is the final world to have 6 episodes. World 11 and beyond will only have 3 episodes each.
  • All episode names in this world have alliteration.