World Twenty-One
World 21
World number 21
Episodes Candied Cliffs to Syrupy Circus
Easiest episode(s) Candy Keep
Hardest episode(s) Candied Cliffs
Levels 1341 to 1385
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World Twenty World Twenty-One World Twenty-Two

World Twenty-One is the twenty-first world in Candy Crush Saga. It contains episodes 91-93 and has 45 levels. It starts at level 1341 and ends at level 1385. It is preceeded by World Twenty and succeeded by World Twenty-Two.

Target score Jelly Ingredient drop Timed Objective
0 20 16 0 9
The easiest :
Level 1345
The hardest :
Level 1376


Episode number Episode name Levels Level types Release date Episode logo
91 Candied-Cliffs 1341–1355 8Jelly
5Ingredient drop
18 November 2015
Reality 91 Background
92 Candy-Keep 1356–1370 6Jelly
6Ingredient drop
25 November 2015
Reality 92 Background
93 Syrupy-Circus 1371–1385 6Jelly
5Ingredient drop
2 December 2015
Reality 93 Background


  • This is the fourth world that only uses one type of ticket.
  • This will likely be the last world with 3 level types. World 22 has all 5 level types, World 23 has 4 level types (all of them excluding timed levels), World 24 has all 5 level types (since episode 102 has a timed level), and World 25 has all five as well as World 26 and 27. Since World 28, a 6th level type has been introduced, meaning that there probably won't be another world where all three episodes have the same three level types.
  • This is the first world with all episode with very hard difficulty.